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Master Home Inspector Expert designation from ASHI

We have learned after four decades of serving Kansas City property buyers is that the information you receive from our assignment should be precise, well documented, and prioritized. 

Your report will exceed your expectations and include pictures of your concerns for a quick read to assist you in decisions that will likely affect the most important decisions you face when purchasing property.

The value is in our report details

Our on-site inspection and written report has a unique reputation in Kansas City as being the most accurate and detailed accounting of building conditions of ANY inspection firm in the Midwest. 

BBB  A+ Rating - Better Business Bureau

No Stone Left Unturned

Have you or someone you know been stung by home inspectors that lack experience? Those that find the little faults, but fail to discover the large defects, or more commonly 'under report' 

significant issues to be 'fair' to all parties.

Stephen Hodgden has inspected over 30,000 properties. Providing expert witness testimony for all parties of real estate sales transactions and to assist clients regarding building defects disputes.


Our Services

The Whole House Inspection

While countless home inspectors have come and gone, there are many reasons Stephen Hodgden's 'Midwest Home' has survived all of these years as the top-ranking building specialist:

    •  With the undivided attention and support of Wendy Newhouse Hodgden, we were there at the forefront of Real Estate inspections in Greater Kansas City and helped establish the standards for home inspections. Our experience level is unmatched. We have been at the top of our game since 1977. 

    • Our assignments emphasize quality over quantity. We take a great deal time to walk our customers through the house for the education they should require to make accurate and correct decisions on likely the most important economic decision of their lifetime.  We will teach how to operate and maintain your new/ old home or building.
   • We wrote the book on social responsibility, where providing unbiased and accurate construction knowledge of Kansas City properties.

Radon Testing

In conjunction with 'Midwest Radon', we were THE early adapters to radon testing in the Midwest in the 1980's. Your radon test will include a full accounting of any radon issues and a detailed mitigation design for eliminating the radon threat to you family.

Termite Inspections

Termite Inspections are an option that most of our customers invest in here in the Midwest. Our go to pest control company that will be available for the customer is 'Gunter Pest Management'. You may have a company of your own choice, but our confidence is so great with Gunter, that we wish you wouldn't.

Special Architecture - Our Skill Sets

Antique, Period or Old Buildings

Hyde Park, Gladstone, Mission Hills, Brookside, etc: Period houses and building evaluation requires a significant amount of experience only gained by hands on knowledge earned by restoring numerous turn of the century properties using building techniques and methodologies long forgotten. These beauties require a high level of passion and a great deal of patience and forgiveness. 

Our home office for 35 years (pictured above) was constructed shortly following the Civil War after being burnt during the Bleeding Kansas period. 

Commercial Properties

Light commercial building inspections are another specialty product of Midwest Home. When those Real Estate interests, working the sales end of the negotiations, begin playing down the importance of an aggressive property evaluation it is more important than ever to find an "independent" and seasoned practitioner for property disclosure, prior to closing on a property.

1940's/ '50's/60's

One of our favorite building periods, where exceptional building materials were available, building trades were at the top of their game, and builders had a strong sense of conscience. However, many houses built during this high point of Kansas City building history have issues with exterior building lot drainage that will commonly cause foundation settlement conditions. Where instruction is required to correct faults and defects, your inspection report can provide the necessary details to protect your investment.

New Home Inspections

As with most new home builds, there will be  a period of time to check the builders product. Builder 'punch lists' can be written by most anyone, but where construction defects and faults are waiting to be found, don't wait until the house is resold to discover issues that you are yet unaware of.

Pricing - CALL 816-941-2005

  The cost of our services is dependent of the building age, property condition, and other variables, Call us.  

   We read over and over again that folks are looking for someone reasonable in price. They want fairness and they are looking for someone they can trust.  Home inspectors generally have a short business life span when they fail anyone of these important qualities. Midwest Home has weathered four decades because we offer a unique quality of providing maximum value.  

Litigation Support/ Expert Witness

Should you or someone you know find a need for professional guidance due to an unfortunate encounter with an undisclosed or under-reported building defect, substandard work product or contractor, or have been poorly misrepresented by professional Real Estate interests, save Midwest Home's contact information.

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